Prof. José A. Odriozola

Chair of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sevilla and member of the Materials Science Institute of Sevilla, Spain. Fellow of the Spanish Society of Catalysis and of the American Chemical Society. Founder partner of CO2 Value Europe, a non-profit organization devoted to Carbon Capture & Utilization understood as any technology devoted to convert CO2 in added-value products. Ph.D. in Chemistry by the University of Sevilla (1981), Associate Professor (January, 1985) and further Chair of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sevilla since 1997. Postdoctoral studies at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory under Gabor Somorjai’s supervision. Visiting or invited Professor at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of Rennes 1, Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico and University of Strasbourg. Head of the Materials Science and Technology Panel of the Spanish National Agency for Evaluation and Prospective, ANEP (2004-2006). From November 2008 to February 2016 Head of the Inorganic Chemistry Department. From September 2009 Head of the doctoral School of the University of Sevilla and Extremadura on Science and Technology of Materials since its creation.

Head of the Surface Science and Catalysis Laboratory since 1996, has focused his research in the surface chemistry of materials. Among these studies, catalyst synthesis and characterization of surface species under reaction conditions (operando spectroscopies) are especially noteworthy. Moreover, as a result of the strong cooperation with copper and steel mills of the region the group has acquired a reputed expertise on the surface characterization of steels and other metallic substrates. This expertise together with the background on Catalysis has driven the group to develop a new research line focused on the manufacture and study of micromonoliths and microchannel reactors for energetic and environmental catalytic applications.